‘Event report’ assemble 3D printer kit

Hi, guys!

The second event held at FabLab Kobe β, named ‘assembling 3D printer kit’


Everyone has heard of 3D printer, but few people didn’t know how to assemble it.

Mrs. Smith dropped by FabLab Kobe and said

“I have trouble with assembling my 3D printer kit. It’s hard to start…’


So FabLab Kobe β promised give her the opportunity to assemble them together. Named

Assembling 3D printer kit


And here is the report of the event!


Everyone said “Wow!”

When they found the 3D printer kit because there are many… almost 90.



It looks long way to accomplish it.


We start to organize each parts and assemble them as tutorials.




It’s hard to peel off.





And also hard to recognize the front and back because of transparency.




We can finally see the appearance, but still it’s just box.


It’s first 10. There is a long way.

please join us to accelerate project!



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