‘Event report’ Gathering digital tools and Work

June 2nd, FabLab Kobe β held opening event at Motomachi culture building 4F, Kobe, Japan.

FabLab Kobe is still version β, so we need to grow up to let world FabLab admit us as one of FabLab global network members.

First step of FabLab members, we have to under stand FabLab charter.


We will show you the charter selectively.


What’s in a fab lab?

Fab labs share an evolving inventory of core capabilities to make (almost) anything, allowing people and projects to be shared


The inventory contain 3D printer, vinyl cutter, CNC machine, and so on, which help us learn, make, share about creation.


So we focus on the inventory and the work for opening event named..


’Gather Digital tools and the work’


Here is the results.

[Digital tools]


Vinyl cutter

You can make sticker or your own T-shirts with the machine.

Mini laser engraver

Better to use for laser curving rather than cutting because the laser power is not strong. Instead of cutting, you can enjoy curving on the coaster.


You can project anything for sharing your work and learning.


[The Work]

Raspberry Pi PC

This Mini PC encourage children enjoy learning programming. And the cute color hardware is printed by 3D printer.

3D printed toys

3D printer toys! It’s cute, colorful and tangible.


Focusing system

It is very important for star observation to focus precisely. This work help you focusing without any vibration.


Gift card

How about your own card for mothers day? It will be special.


Robot arm

This robot arm can not only moving like an arm but also vacuuming. Problem is that it doesn’t work well. Please let us know if you have skill to fix this.


Automata karakuri

This witch move on the rope without any motor.


Thank you for help us gather beautiful digital tools and the work!


We try to rearrange the pictures into the image like Andy Warhol.


Processed with MOLDIV



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